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Your problem: “how to get rid of smell?”

Yet so far you have not found the answer to your problem. Deodorisers can be allergenic and temporary. Air extraction systems may be oversized, and thus too costly, energy intensive and likely to enlarge your ecological footprint

Do you own a business? Are you in charge of maintenance? Do you manage property and people? Then you might have a problem with unpleasant odours, perhaps generated by a business activity.

Of course you want to improve the working environment of your employees. You need to maintain a perfect image to keep your buildings from becoming obsolete. After all, it’s your brand, or the reputation of your institutions.

Can innovative technology provide a better answer? Yes it can!


Our solution

Developed by researchers at MACtac Europe, the OLFactive™ solution offers a totally different approach to tackling unpleasant odours.

OLFactive™  indoor wall-covering material efficiently traps and neutralises odours 24/7. It is long lasting and requires less maintenance than other solutions.

Stain resistant, the OLFactive™ material is easy to clean, not harmful to health and cost-effective. Moreover, it decorates at the same time! Users report that MACtac’s OLFactive™ solution transforms their indoor environments, making them pleasant and comfortable.